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Training Services

To maintain the edge with the many changes that occur in collision reconstruction, it is necessary to take part in training on a regular basis. Through our affiliation with the Institute of Police Technology and Management, Jacksonville, Florida, we have developed relationships with many resource people.

We are pleased to be part of IPTM's vast network of adjunct instructors. Here are a few key benefits that FRSI can offer its clients... 

Key Benefits

  • Large network of resource people.
  • Offering tailored training programs.
  • Arranging and/or coordinating training programs.
  • Upgrading or maintaining your training levels.
  • And many other benefits.


Specialized Training
FRSI is in a position to either coordinate a training program that best suits your needs. If you are considering future training, drop us a line at so we can work to bring this training to you

Now Available!

  • Computerized Collision Diagramming Using AutoSketch CAD Software
  • Advanced Computer Collision Diagramming Using AutoSketch CADSoftware

For more information about available training solutions, please contact us at 1-506-386-3225, or email .