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Reconstruction Services

FRSI offers its clients a full line of investigative and reconstruction services. Our experience provides us with the edge so you will benefit. For the past twenty-five years, our senior reconstructionist has worked for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Dec 74 - July 00). Since 1991, as a full-time collision reconstruction responsible for the supervision, monitoring and training of support analysts and reconstructionists within the eastern jurisdiction of New Brunswick (Atlantic Canada).

During this time, a tremendous amount of practical field experience has accumulated with investigation and reconstructing traffic collisions. To maintain the skills necessary in this highly technical field, we undergo training on a regular basis as well as communicate with a wide variety of technical trainers.

Our experience and associations allow us to provide our clients with the most current, up-to-date reconstruction techniques available. While at the same time,  providing them with a meaningful reconstruction.

FRSI also offers a "Review Service." Here, your case will be reviewed and suggestions as to the best course of action will be provided before a reconstruction commences.

Here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy from FRSI... 

Key Benefits

  • Extensive practical field experience.
  • Proven courtroom experience.
  • Extensive training background.
  • International teaching background.
  • Forensic collision & crime scene mapping.
  • Full CAD diagramming services.
  • Ability to provide tailored training packages.
  • Digital Video recording and editing.
  • Vehicle, light truck, etc. reconstructions.
  • Vehicle - pedestrian reconstructions.
  • Vehicle - bicycle reconstructions.
  • Motorcycle reconstructions.
  • Commercial vehicle reconstructions.
  • Occupant kinematics and occupant placements.
  • Vehicle vault reconstructions.
  • Seatbelt usage analysis.
  • Vehicle dynamic testing.
  • Case review, analysis and course of action.
  • As well as other technical services.

Fee Schedule/Service Agreement

If you are interested in any service or product offered by FRSI, please send your email request to Mike W. Reade or call: 1-506-386-3225 / fax: 1-888-851-2254. (Your request should include your Name, Company c/w Address and Phone Numbers, and the Nature of Your Request.) We will be more than pleased to provide you with our "Fee Schedule/Service Agreement."


As a full-service reconstruction and consulting service, FRSI is capable of offering its clients a wide range of reconstruction and training services. With this, we would be pleased to discuss any of your reconstruction needs.
Because of our vast experience in the training field, FRSI would be pleased to discuss your training needs. Contact us at to discuss any potential services.