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Mapping Services

Forensic Mapping involves the proper identification, recording, and preparation of scale diagrams to show the physical evidence. All to often, there is a lot of physical evidence that is over-looked, destroyed, or misinterpreted. Many times, you only have one chance to collect this data. Once the scene has been released, your evidence can be lost forever.

FRSI has the experience necessary to examine a collision scene to determine what physical evidence pertains to your case. This in itself is the one factor that will either make or break your case.

Our experience has also included the documentation of crime scene evidence. Once the physical evidence is collected, our clients are provided with the demonstrative evidence they need to present their case.

Key Benefits

  • Years of collision and crime scene experience.
  • Years of practical field experience.
  • Ability to record evidence with electronic equipment.
  • Years of experience with preparing and presenting evidence.
  • The ability to output the final plan onto any paper size.
  • Savings in time and money.


Electronic Scene Measuring
FRSI offers its clients the opportunity to collect physical evidence by way of Total-Station, Electron Measuring Equipment. Not only is this method more accurate, it allows one to gather more data over a greater distance in less time. Any savings are passed on to our clients. 
Collision Scenes
For more than twenty-five years in Law Enforcement, we have investigated traffic collisions and offered assistance to parties throughout Atlantic Canada as well as the United States on many occasions. When you require collision scene measurements, let our experience identify and document the proper evidence necessary to present your case. 
Crime Scenes
Having spent many years in Law Enforcement, our experience with various investigations has provided us with sound investigative skills. Once the physical evidence has been gathered, we can prepare a scale diagram to help answer many important issues that may arise during a case. Whether the evidence relates to bullet trajectory, or where the evidence was located, let FRSI provide you with a professional plan for your presentations.