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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where do I find instructions to Install, Activate and Deactivate my PEDBIKE 2000 Software?

Q: How does the NEW Activation Center work?

Q: How do I obtain a NEW Activation Code for the same computer?

  • After you log into the activation center you will see a list of the orders you purchased. If for example, you are trying to reactivate the PEDBIKE 2000 Plus software on the same computer, you would select the "" to the left of the program's name. Doing so will show a list of the already activated computers.
  • Let us say the license on the top of the list is the computer you are trying to reactive.
  • Select the update iconin front of the license.
  • This will display the "Site code," "Machine ID (MID)," and "Note" fields below the licenses.
  • If you have selected the same computer, you can enter the "Site code" and "Machine ID" codes which are displayed on the computer's screen you are trying to reactivate.
  • Use the "Note" field to describe your computer, such as: "Sony Laptop - Vaio 285." Doing so will allow you to quickly identify which license is associated with each computer.
  • Once the information is entered, select the "Update License" button.
  • If you have chosen the proper license to update, you will see a new activation code based upon the new Site code and Machine ID code you have provided. Simply enter the new activation code in the proper location which appears on your computer screen.

Q: Why does my software become locked and then require a new activation code?

  • Each activation code is tied to the computer for which an activation code is generated. As part of the program's security, a computer footprint is created from the Site code and the Machine ID codes you have provided. If more than TWO (2) of the computer's footprint ID's are changed, the software interprets this as a security violation and locks the software.
  • An example of this would be where you change your operating system and update your BIOS.
  • We recommend you deactivate your software before making any major changes or updates. This will reduce the chance of loosing one of your software licenses.

Q: How do I remove a license from the activation center?

  • Log into the activation center and select the "" in front of the software you wish to remove.
  • Select the "" in front of the license you want to remove. This will display a "Removal code" field below your license list.
  • To remove a software license, you need to enter a valid removal code. You obtain this removal code during the process of deactivating your software.
  • If you do not enter a valid removal code, the license you are trying to remove will not be removed.


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