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CAD Services

FRSI offers its clients a Full-CAD service for both Collision Scene and Crime Scene Events. With over 10,000 hours of practical application in the use of AutoSketch, our clients will benefit from the experience we've achieved from many successful reconstructions.

Since 1991, our scale reconstruction plans have been accepted by the courts. Having taught many students world wide, we are always pleased to hear of their many accomplishments. If you are a previous student, please let us know how you are progressing.

Our time-proven method to collect, prepare, and present demonstrative evidence for Collision or Crime Scene evidence gives us the edge to providing a meaningful result to our clients.

So, if you require a scale diagram, or if you need another person's work verified, call FRSI for more information. We would be pleased to review your case.

Key Benefits

  • Professional-looking demonstrative evidence.
  • Review and verify completed plans.
  • Graphically explain technical issues.
  • Final output to various page size.
  • Easy recall and processing.


CAD Experience
Take advantage of our experience. Since 1991, we have enjoyed the success of using CAD diagrams to supplement our work. Based upon physical evidence, it is your scale plan the provides the foundation of your reconstruction. Let our experience provide you with the results you need for a successful conclusion. 
CAD Training
Since 1993, we have been training students worldwide how to use CAD when preparing and presenting their physical evidence. Our affiliation with the Institute of Police Technology and Management - University of North Florida has provided us the opportunity to share our experiences so others can learn. 
Scale Diagrams
FRSI can provide its clients with scale diagrams for any situation. If you have the measurements or dimensions and you need a final paper plan, call us. We can take your information to complete the task. Even if you want a perspective size relationship between several items, a scale diagram will best reflect this view.