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CCD Traffic Symbols for Autosketch

CCD Traffic Symbols - Sample Sheet

CCD Traffic Symbol Sample Sheet.

Why reinvent the wheel? With CAD drawing, real time savings are achieved by using parts or symbols that have already been created. It would seem counter productive to assemble new symbols each and every time you need a car, or truck, or body within a diagram.

Through our many years of practical application, we have developed a vast library of common symbols that can be used repeatedly. Check out the key benefits that the CCD Traffic Symbols offer you...

Key Benefits

  • Save many hours of drawing time.
  • Professionally drawn traffic symbols. 
  • Compatible with AutoSketch R5 thru R10.
  • Easily recalled and resized to suit your needs.
  • Several libraries for Aircraft, Bodies, Bushes, Vehicles, Signs, etc.
  • Affordable option to creating your own.


Description Your Price
CCD Traffic Symbols©
(North American Sales)
$120 * CAN
(Internet Download Only)
CCD Traffic Symbols©
(International Sales)
$120 * CAN
(Internet Download Only)
Multi-License (5 Users)
(One Install CD Supplied)
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Multi-License (10 Users)
(One Install CD Supplied)
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Shipping & Handling
(North American Mail Orders)
$15 CAN
Shipping & Handling
(International Mail Orders)
$22 CAN

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