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Advanced Computerized Collision Diagramming Course

ACCD Course - Vector Sum Diagram Example

The above graphic shows one of the topics covered during the ACCD Course.

The ACCD Course was designed to enhance the investigator's techniques who is already trained at the CCD Course level. This course promises to reward the reconstructionist with skills allowing them to prepare even the most puzzling situation.

With the use of a computer and the AutoSketch CAD Software, the attendee will learn the following key benefits...

Key Benefits

  • How to map, save, and reuse common scenes for future events.
  • How to use multiple baseline coordinates within one scene.
  • How to incorporate triangulation and coordinate measurements in one scene.
  • How to complete scale, damage profiles to determine the amount of crush.
  • How to complete side-profile (Crest of Hill, Ped/Veh. Alignment) diagrams.
  • How to complete and retrieve data from vault diagrams.
  • How to gather 360 Degree Momentum data.
  • How to prepare and understand Vector-Sum Diagrams.
  • How to import and process Total Station DXF files.
  • How to incorporate graphics in reports.
  • How to incorporate graphics in diagrams.
  • How to prepare and present graphical evidence.

Courses & Pricing

Course Dates Tuition
Advanced Computerized Collision Diagramming Course (Set By IPTM) (Set By IPTM)


The ACCD Course contains copyright material. We offer this course in the US exclusively through the Institute of Police Technology and Management - University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.

As part of course tuition, each attendee will receive the AutoSketch Software as well as the CCD Traffic Symbols which have been specially formatted to work with the AutoSketch program.

The above course is offered on a contract basis through IPTM. To learn more about hosting this contract course, please contact IPTM to obtain more details at 1-904-620-IPTM, or visit their site at .


Although this course is no longer listed on IPTM's yearly training schedule, this training is available through use for small groups, or a one on one training situation. For more information to arrange ACCD training, please contact us at , or call 1-506-386-3225.